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There are very impactful and fast-moving things happening globally that will be felt in Southwick in the next few years. Let's be aware and prepare for them!

A few members of MPAC, including our Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional High School student members, researched trends that will affect Southwick over the next 20 years, including some things that are already starting to happen now.

These are factors to take into account when master planning and taking the survey.


Their report can be found by clicking here (will open as separate window).


Some of the trends include:

  • Electric vehicle automation

  • Housing affordability and availabilty

  • Solar energy

  • Technology in school and jobs

  • Automation

  • Loss of farmland and natural habitats

  • Remote work

  • Climate change

  • Congamond Lake and invasives

  • Public transportation availability

  • Population decline and aging population

What do you think about these trends? Are some already affecting you? Please share your honest opinions and experiences on the survey!

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